with 60% Celliant™

These Compression & Travel-stockings: are knitted with the same thin, ultra-soft Celliant used in our Diabetes & Comfort stockings. This is complemented by a compression of 18-21mmHG over the foot and ankle areas, which gradually decreases along the leg. As a result, the wearer’s circulation will improve within a short time.. Two functions facilitate this: the compression and the Celliant yarn’s incredible effect. This makes the Thin Compressions and Travel-stockings ideal for people affected by diabetes.

When it comes to giving your feet the much-needed comfort, you can always trust ReflexWear, which brings the best quality compression stockings for travel. Developed and knitted utilizing Celliant material, our foot comfort diabetic socks, won’t fail you to keep your feet healthy. They offer a perfect fit, and you won’t find our knee high diabetic socks restrictive. The Celliant fiber used in our best medical compression socks has minerals that effectively absorb the body’s heat and convert them into energy. With this, it will keep your body cool, preventing sweats. What’s more? When you have knee high compression stockings, the material keeps the skin oxygenated and lowers the chances of skin diseases.

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REFLEXWEAR® is registered as a medical device according to 93/42/EEC