ReflexWear is here with the advance socks for diabetic patients to bring the maximum level of comfort to their lives. With our scientifically develop thin diabetic socks and thick diabetic socks, you can enjoy a healthy life.

Made of Celliant material, these socks can effectively eliminate various foot issues that are quite common among diabetic patients. Diabetic patients are prone to damaged blood vessel issues in their legs. This can lead to swelling and adversely affect the blood circulation in feet. But using our thin and thick diabetic socks, you compress the vulnerable parts like foot, ankle, and legs, thus, eliminating the swelling issues. There will be no more issue of lower oxygen level in feet as they make the blood circulates properly while you are sitting or walking.

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The Thin Model

The Thin Model:These revolutionary socks are knitted using a thin, ultra-soft polyester thread. Polyester offers one core advantage over cotton — it doesn’t cool.TheThin Model socks are designed for a perfect fit, with an extremely flat seam in the toe region.They offer unparalleled comfort around the ankle and leg too, even after hours of wear.And the non-restrictive fit prevents the socks feeling too tight, while they never slide down either.This makes theThin Model ideal for wearers affected by diabetes.

Thin Low Cut 

These socks are knitted with thin, ultra-soft polyester thread.This does not cool, unlike cotton. TheThin Model socks offer a perfect fit and have been knitted with an extremely flat seam in the toe area.Alow-cut top increases the socks’comfort around the ankles too. We made these socks to be non-restrictive nor to slide down. This means they’re ideal for diabetic wearers too..

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The Thick Model

The Thick Model, socks are knitted with the same thin, ultrasoft thread used for theThin Model.As a result, you benefit from the same incredible comfort and perfect fit. We designed the Thick Model to include ultra-thin stitching in the toe area and a soft, comfortable shaft.They will never feel too tight, nor will they slide down.TheThick Model socks are thicker all around.As the soles are made of terry, your feet benefit from impressive pressure equalization. How good will this feel? Like you’re walking on clouds.

The Thin Knee High Model

The Thin Knee High Model: is knitted with a thin, ultra-soft polyester thread .One major advantage of polyester is that it does not cool. These socks offer a perfect fit and are knitted with an extremely flat seam in the toe area. The Thin Knee High Model is comfortable all the way along the leg so you feel the year’s special effect from foot to knee. As an makes them a perfect choice of socks for people affected by diabetes.

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