Why One Should Wear Compression Socks While Jogging

Jogging or regular running is one of the best ways that each one of us should practice improving overall physical health. Jogging is the best weight-losing exercise that enhances bone strength and burns fat faster. So, whether you are working hard for any competition, marathon, or making a regular effort to lose weight fast through jogging, make sure that you always wear compression socks. The reason being, compression socks are super comfortable and enhances your performance.

Let’s go through in the details of compression socks.

What are Compression Socks?

Usually, when you ask someone about the ” Compression Socks” – Most probably the answer would be that it is worn by grandparents because they are prone to diseases such as diabetes or heart attack, isn’t it! Well! The reason is that compression socks apply pressure to the feet and also manage swelling (edema) caused by cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and other medical conditions.

Wearing compression socks assists in enhancing the blood flow back to the heart and throughout the body. Thus, these compression socks offer various health benefits to every individual.

As compression socks increase the blood circulation and reduce lactic acid production therefore runners use it for training and during competition.

Why one should wear Compression Socks while Jogging

  • Maintaining Oxygen Delivery

Running with compression socks puts some amount of pressure on the legs to assist in blood vessels smoother and more appropriately, therefore, deliver more oxygen to the muscles. This prevents tissues from any damage during running and is very essential for the athletes. The compression socks are fruitful for the marathon runners as lymph circulation and beefed-up blood assist in muscle recovery. According to some studies that claim that wearing compression socks can enhance your performance and provide you maximum comfort while competing or jogging.

  • Prevents from Sweating

Compression socks are worn as it provides a perfect fit and prevents sweating that is a major obstacle in making a grip of the foot while running or jogging.

  • Relief from Pain

Whenever you sit or stand for a long period, the gravity forces put high pressure on your legs, especially the greatest one is in the veins of the ankles that causes a lot of pain. To provide comfort to the greatest affected part of the pressure i.e ankle, compression socks are worn as they offer comfort and relief pain instantly.

  • Keep the Dirt and unwanted material out of the legs

Jogging is usually practiced in areas that are surrounded by greenery, through trails or the unpaved roads that are surely in direct contact with the parasites and other mites. Wearing compression socks prevents you from coming in contact with such microbes that could cause skin damage.

  • Reduce Inflammation

Inflammation is a symptom in which part of the body becomes red or swollen especially as a reaction to injury or infection. Compression socks help to manage inflammation and prevent swelling in the legs caused due to continuous running and daily tasks.

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